The Urgent Need For The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour

Let’s have a smart conversation about money

What’s the first thing you think when you hear the word money? Every single one of us experiences a different thought. And yet, these thoughts hold powerful control over our financial relationships and decisions.

Without knowing it, I was a slave to my financial thoughts and feelings. I felt out of control when it came to money. I spent more time avoiding financial conversations because I thought I knew how the conversations would go – leaving me feeling unhappy.

I decided to face my fears and come out with my shameful secret: that I was helping everyone else around me get rich, but I couldn’t do the same for myself. This journey of setting myself free from financial worry and allowed me to create a life-changing protocol that works.

Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny? It’s time to change how we think about money.

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North County San Diego October 22nd – November 22nd 2018

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Leslie Juvin-Acker and Ana Gomez welcome you to join our cause of helping women gain financial independence. Watch these two videos.

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We’re recruiting community organizers to help our team gather women for an important cause: financial literacy.

Are you a community organizer? Community organizers are individuals and businesses with audiences who need to hear the message of financial freedom. Having us come to your home or business to facilitate the conversation and encourage your audience to take action.

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Are you a Community Partner? If you are a business that would like to reach women who are ready to make positive financial decisions and would like to offer in-kind donations, sponsorship dollars, or join a strategic partnership with us, then sign up right now.

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Want direct contact? Call Ana Gomez 347-748-0513 to set up a strategy meeting.

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When you sign up to become a Women’s Financial Freedom Tour Community Organizer, Community Partner, or Non-Profit Partner you’ll receive a free copy of the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour Zine. The Zine contains important statistics, The Money Formula information, and ways you can get involved with the Women’s Financial Freedom Tour.

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Our community partners provide The Women’s Financial Freedom Tour essential resources to provide women financial literacy education.

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